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'Mirrors is a one-woman show, written and performed by RADA MA graduate Siobhan McMillan. Gaining critical acclaim at both the Fundamental Monodrama Festival in Luxembourg and at the Calm Down Dear Festival of Feminism in London in 2015, and then again to a sell out audience/over-capacity audience for its run at the Rosemary Branch Theatre in Islington in 2016 (directed by Jesse Raiment): it is with great excitement that Mirrors will return for a longer run, re-imagined and more explosive than ever in July 2017!

Mirrors is a black comedy, a modern fairytale, set in the bedroom of a young woman waiting for a date who never arrives. Her anger manifests in her alter ego Shivvers, a wickedly evil witch and distant relative of Snow White’s stepmother. Upon the grim realisation that her beauty no longer reigns supreme, Shivvers embarks on a mission to track down her rival and destroy all who dare to be more gorgeous than she.

Full of strange and magical characters, from the sublime ‘shy girl’ who fantasises about being a sex object; to the ridiculous ‘perfect beauty’, (a cannibal with a penchant for men); to the incredibly rich and successful chocolate-voiced pioneer, (crippled with phobias), to name just a few. McMillan draws us deep into her world with a remarkably physical, fast-paced, poetic and hilarious performance! Mirrors is a light-hearted yet poignant take on the angst, neuroses and vulnerabilities that beset the modern woman.'


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2017 performances:

Written, performed and produced by Siobhan McMillan

Produced by Janvier Benoit

Marketing and publicity by Janvier Benoit and Roisin O'Sullivan

Set design by Lizzy Gilbert

Sound design by Murray Clack and Luke Taylor

Music from Face + Heel


2016 performances:

(Directed by Jesse Raiment

Written and Performed by Siobhan McMillan

Publicity and production by Janvier Benoit

Photography by Tim Smyth

Photography by Stephanie Rose Wood

Film and Photography by Butchy Davy http://www.butchydavy.com/,

Original Composition by Murray Clack,

Music by Face + Heel https://www.facebook.com/faceandheel/

Art by Jade Alexandra Spranklen http://www.sprankenstein.com/,

Costume by Rachel Siobhan Tyler,

Photos by Maximilian Hetherington http://www.maximilianhetherington.com/,

Lighting design by Simeon Miller)






A 'vivacious explosion of energy, packing out the complexities of her heroine and delivering a satirical spin on traditional fairytale... she flirts and courts the audience, exhibiting an ironic awareness of her lack of cast that only adds to her polish... By far the most striking effect is how she juggles the many roles imposed on women... McMillan seamlessly leaps between humour and seriousness... is endlessly energetic, with faultless humour...' (Becky Kells, Savage online)


'Siobhan delights her Luxembourg audience... Her stage presence is so infectious, that her audience is embraced by her energy, enchanted by her commanding stage presence... And most of all, captivated by her vitality and mischievous sense of fun.' (Marc Limpach, Dramaturg, Kassematten Theatre, Luxembourg)


'McMillan’s energetic performance and witty monologue are engaging and elevate the show... Throughout the show, McMillan makes great use of the small stage and central stairs in a physical role that involves climbing, creeping and leaping her way through the storytelling. Her energy, combined with the tightly packed audience, made the theatre feel well-used and thrumming with activity... One-person shows live or die by their performer’s ability to keep an audience engaged and interested. .. McMillan is an able performer, with a particular knack for humour. Her self-penned script helps to carry the show and shows a real ability to set the scene and craft well-observed characters. McMillan’s amusing delivery lifted the show up and rightfully earned some sizable laughs from the audience.'

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'McMillan regularly interjects with contemporary references and using sarcastic humour to great advantage, makes a strong comment on women’s insecurity... Her physicality and energy cannot be denied as she embodies the characters she simultaneously describes. The audience is told her story but has plenty to watch, and a liberal use of sound and vocal effects create a dynamic aural landscape... This feminist solo show is an excellent display of performance storytelling and a witty comment on modern life as a woman. Not just about aging, it also looks at female competition, the need to be desired and the perils of dating'




And from the public...:



'Just back from seeing this absolutely incredible show.

It managed to evoke everything from Salome to Lorca, Ken Russell to Zelda.

Like the journey in Conrads Hearts of Darkness, but the River replaced by an enchanted forest at Dusk, and Kurtz replaced by a blonde called Penelope.

Beautifully directed, the scene with Siobhan, a red/blue sillouhette feasting on the toes and eyes of men, was one of the most electric moments I have ever experienced at the theatre.

Finally, Siobhan McMillans performance left me speechless. A tilt of the head just an inch totally transforming her from one character to the next, drawing us into the mirror with humour, tragedy and a pinpoint script so honest, so relatable you can't help but see your self in its reflections.

A fantastic tour de force of a show.'

'Mirrors' is brilliant - a darkly whimsical take on the pleasures and pressures of being a woman. Funny, moving and eccentric in all the right ways.'


'An incredibly moving insight into the female gaze. The central character reminded me of a contemporary Gloria from Fitzgerald's The Beautiful And Damned.

Properly hilarious too!'


'I went to go and see this last night. Absolutely amazing...comical, thought provoking and poetic. The talent required to write and perform such a piece highlights the fact that Siobhan is at the top of her game.'


'Saw the play last night and laughed so hard I cried. Siobhan is impossibly, hilariously brilliant. So pleased I caught it at the Rosemary Branch, though I dare say it's destined for a much bigger stage.'


'A tour de force - had the audience laughing, reflecting and empathising with a multi-layered, dramatic and comic performance, And with audience participation too - well, just a little .. Deserves to reach out to a wider public.'


'The first time I saw this piece at the Camden People's Theatre I wanted everyone I know to have a chance to see it. So glad it's having a sell out run at The Rosemary Branch. Last night was fantastic, so much so we are going again tonight for the last performance. If there are tickets left snap them up but I suspect this won't be the last we see of Siobhan nor the show.'


'Stellar performance by Siobhan. A very talented writer and actress. Enjoyed the interaction with the audience very much.'


'Utterly fantastic play. Mesmerising performance coupled with very witty writing made for a great way to spend an eve! Highly recommended, as evidenced by gushing review!'


'Siobhan was brilliant. Amazing performance- wacky and wonderful. It should transfer!'


'Best show I have seen this year! An amazing performance. Not only to have performed the show but to have written it also, is remarkable from,Siobhan McMillan You can see that a lot of work has gone into creating this piece of work and everyone involved with getting it onto the stage should be proud. Can't wait to see it in a bigger theatre; when it's next on!'


'A spellbinding performance. Delivered pitch perfect, with moments of biting observation and cutting wit. Would be great to see this again - lucky to have seen it on an intimate stage. It had a little of everything, feminism, humour, tragedy, physicality, sledgehammer (akin to Caryl Churchill) subtlety and great pace, including leaving you wanting to know more...'


'Mirror's was one of the best theatre experiences I've had. Hilarious and touching at the same time. I wish it was still on so I could go and see it again!!'


'Watched the show last night and loved it. Siobhan is totally captivating in her funny and honest performance. I look forward to seeing where Mirrors appears next...'


'Went last night with a couple of friends, and was blown by Siobhan's performance, even more so when i discovered she had written it ! i had an amazing time and would def go again if i had the chance! Thanks so much for the invite.'


'Went last night and thoroughly enjoyed Siobhan's spellbinding performance. Talented and gifted, was enthralled from start to finish. Go!'


'Wow! We saw this incredible piece last night. What a terrific evening! Siobhan is so gifted, clever and talented! She's simply a thrill to watch. So well done. So smart. Congrats to all involved!'