There is No Failure. Only Feedback.

There is No Failure. Only Feedback,


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There is No Failure. Only Feedback is a brand, spanking new, black comedy which has been likened to Abigail's Party and Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf... A small group of 'friends' gather for a boozy dinner party. Their only real connection is through their mutual love of ‘The Art’ and their rather bizarre experiences at their past creative bubble of 'The Academy'. Unfortunately they really have very little in common. As the evening becomes increasingly boozy and burnt cheese-aubergine fuelled, so it becomes increasingly bizarre and inappropriate and their egos and constant need for attention and validation come to the fore in the most ridiculous and quite hilarious manner. 'Success' in their art is their primary goal, often to the exclusion of anything really 'real' or honest…


Catch the London premiere of this fanastic, hilarious romp of a play at The Rosemary Branch Theatre from the 23rd - 25th August at 7.30pm (that's next week folks!!) written by Siobhan McMillan and directed by Dan Jennings. With wonderful actors Doireann May White Ben Waring Meurig Marshall Paul Sangam and Siobhan McMillan.


Beautiful poster designed and illustrated by Jade Alexandra Spranklen

film and photography by the gorgeous Butchy Davy with marketting brilliance from Annemarie Highmore and technical and backstage magic from Ella Toni-j Saunders


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